• Bringing the PATIÑO ROOM back to life

This room of Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga was inaugurated in 1974 and houses the important donation made to the museum by the Bolivian diplomat Antenor Patiño. The ensemble was created in 1769 by the Austrian carver J. G. Leithner, from a project by the French architect Isidor Canevale, for the Princes of Paar Palace in Vienna as part of the extensive renovation carried out for the betrothal celebrations of the Archduchess Marie Antoinette with the future Louis XVI, theDauphin of France, in 1770.
Patiño’s gift included a set of seating furniture, a mantelpiece decoration, a carpet and a chandelier. Added to this group of pieces at a later date was a wall-clockand, more recently, a pair of "commodes" from the museum’s collection.

Because generosity is a chain and because the heritage we have received from the past is the greatest legacy we can leave to the future generations, we have no doubt that soon we will be able to celebrate the return to life of this masterpiece of the French decorative arts.


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