In collaboration with the DGPC and the MNAA, who prepared the complex specifications that must govern this consideration, the 4th year of the IST Architecture course undertook the challenge of facing the complex expansion of the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga as an academic exercise, under the guidance of architects Ricardo Bak Gordon and José Mateus and in continuity with work being done, involving themselves in the strategic projects that the city of Lisbon sets and delivers.

The resulting 20 proposals, which have now been made public, weigh up the possibilities of transforming the museum’s surroundings from a future perspective to provide a substantial increase in its functional areas, including storage and exhibition galleries, which is linked to its share of the space between Janelas Verdes and Av. 24 de Julho to secure new access and parking for cars and buses, and try to solve the general constraints that weigh heavily on the country’s leading museum.