Treasures of the Vatican Museums

For the first time in Portugal, a group of works from the famous collections of the Vatican Museums, especially its precious Pinacoteca, compose an exhibition that includes paintings by Italian Primitives (Taddeo di Bartolo, Sano di Pietro and Fra Angelico) and great Renaissance and Baroque masters (Raphael, Pinturichio, Salviati, Pietro da Cortona and Barocci) as well as notable tapestries and illuminated codices from the Vatican Apostolic Library collection. Paintings from the Borghese Gallery (Venusti and Sassoferrato) and the Corsini Gallery (Gentileschi and Van Dyck) complete this ensemble. In a chronological arc that goes from the end of antiquity to modern times, the iconography of the Virgin Mary is the main thematic axis for the selection of these masterpieces. The exhibition also includes a nucleus of works by Italian painters from several Portuguese institutions, both public and private.

Alessandra Rodolfo
José Alberto Seabra Carvalho

May 18 | 18:30 pm



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