• MNAAmoreiras

    Masterpieces of painting

In 2015, the MNAA decided to bring 31 of its paintings out into the streets, exhibiting them on the walls of Lisbon with the same dignity with which they are displayed in the museum’s rooms. They were, in fact, (perfect) replicas, but the effect was one of complete surprise, resulting in many people subsequently heading to the museum to see or re-see the precious and irreplaceable real works.
In 2016, the MNAA once again surprised people with its campaign “Let’s put the Sequeira in its rightful place”. Portugal rallied round to ensure that Domingos Sequeira’s extraordinary Adoration of the Magi was integrated into the museum’s collection and it is now, nally, the property of us all. And right at the forefront was the Amoreiras Shopping Center, raising awareness and mobilising its visitors and customers in support of this movement.
So, this return is appropriate and timely: MNAA at Amoreiras, where, with the generous support of its shops, visitors can appreciate 31 masterpieces of painting, once again laid out in a specially chosen and carefully designed exhibition.
The originals of the replicas exhibited here await your visit at the great Museum of Portugal. In both places, after all, it is life that ows before us.

António Filipe Pimentel

It is an enormous honour for the Amoreiras Shopping Center, working in close partnership with the MNAA, to participate in the  conception and implementation of an initiative that oers its visitors the chance to enjoy and appreciate 31 masterpieces, in full-scale reproductions of the highest possible quality, exhibited in the windows and spaces of the Amoreiras shops.
The partnership with the MNAA, the guardian of the country’s most important art collection, will provide visitors to Amoreiras with a unique and dierent experience, enabling them to enjoy reproductions of some of the works painted by great masters, in a relaxed and natural fashion as they go about their daily life.
This project would never have been possible without the involvement of the shop owners, who have opened the doors of their spaces, contributing to the realisation of a unique venture proposed jointly by the MNAA and the Amoreiras Shopping Center.
We invite you to follow the exhibition route, ending at the Amoreiras 360º Panoramic View with a work alluding to the city of Lisbon.

Fernando Oliveira