• The Gothic Calvary of Proença-a-Velha and its conservation and restoration intervention

Calvary (Crucified Christ, the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist)
Castile-Leon (?)
Last quarter of the 13th - early 14th century
Polychrome oak wood
Prov.: Proença-a-Velha Parish (municipality of Idanha-a-Nova)
Núcleo Museológico de Arte Sacra de Proença-a-Velha

The Calvary of Proença-a-Velha — composed of Crucified Christ, flanked by the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Evangelist — is one of the rare examples of monumental sculpture in wood from the late 13th century kept in Portugal. It originally occupied the space around the
triumphal arch of the church belonging to the Military Order of Christ, whose spirituality promoted intense worship of Christ on the Cross.

In collaboration with the diocese of Portalegre and Castelo Branco and the José de Figueiredo Laboratory.

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