• Untitled (Wave) Anne Imhof

    BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts

The 3rd edition of BoCA Biennial, Prove You Are Human, invites us to think about the world and the human condition, in the intersections between artistic territories, cultural spaces and nature.
“Untitled (Wave)” (2021) is presented in the Albertas Chapel, a chapel formerly inhabited only by women in seclusion. The artist creates resonances between the feminine, adoration and immateriality, while also referring to the history of art and aesthetics, in particular the concept of the sublime. Associated in the Romantic period with the contemplation of nature, inhospitable or desolate landscapes, it provokes in the viewer a feeling of smallness before the grandeur of the universe.
In the video, a woman is naked from the waist up, in tracksuit pants, with long black hair and her feet dipped into the sea. She wields a whip. Eliza Douglas is the performer of this scene that frames the female body, defiant, beating the waves of the sea, in front of the immensity of this horizon of rebellious waters.

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