• When the Disciples were Masters


For many years, the system of artistic training was based on copying the works of the great masters. Using their best skills and technical resources, the disciples diligently copied or reinterpreted the great works of the masters that they most admired, either in whole or in part, so that they might absorb the lessons contained within them. It was not, however, only the young apprentices who busied themselves with this longstanding form of study, but also already trained and experienced artists, who resorted to this working method as a way of observing art works, recording what they saw, and honing their skills.
At this exhibition, which is dedicated to old copies of some of the great works of Italian Renaissance Art – most of which were produced by unknown artists, while some have been attributed to important names from the sixteenth century – we display a group of drawings that have largely passed unnoticed.

Alexandra Gomes Markl

Exhibition booklet

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