Monstrance restored with patronage from the Millennium bcp Foundation

This example of a Portuguese jewelery monstrance is typical of the last quarter of the 18th century, highlighting its bezel surrounded by a set of topaz from Brazil. The piece comes from an unidentified extinct convent, and has been kept in reserve since its incorporation into the Museum's collection, as it needs restoration.
As part of the policy of enrichment and increase of the MNAA's assets on public display, custody was restored thanks to the patronage support of the Millennium BCP Foundation, by Mariana Cardoso at the Laboratory José de Figueiredo.

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©Mariana Cardoso

Portugal, 1775-1800
Gilded silver and brass, topazes, crystals and wood
Provenance: suppressed convent, 1920
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Mariana Cardoso/Laboratory José de Figueiredo

Restoration Project supported by:
2020 LOGO Fundação Millennium bcp